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Birch tree seedling


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England

I have a Silver Birch seedling about 8inches tall, potted up.
I already have two in my garden and wondered if anyone would like it.

On plant Betula



Have you thought about trying a bonsia? I have a willow an Oak and a maple on the go from two years ago. Give it ago with one of them.

7 Nov, 2008


Do you know TT I used to do this years ago, and the two trees I have growing were bonsais I tipped into Mums garden. When we came back to live here she gave me them back and they're about 15ft high now! Think I will give it a go again, but you do have to prune the roots don't you?

7 Nov, 2008


I bought a book on Bonsia basics. I trimmed the roots put them in the relevant potting medium. Kept them outside all year and watered them when dry. This spring I shall be tipping them out of their little dish and triming the roots again and replacing the soil.

As per the book. hopefully they will stay happy.

7 Nov, 2008


I already have two silver birches Janey , and dont they look a lovely colour now .

You could try bonsai . I have some bonsai oak trees they must be at least 30 yrs. old . a set of 3 from the conkers that my children picked up when we were out for a walk .

I have an indoor one as well ( figus ) ,it was a gift which takes more looking after . i,m not to keen on looking after indoor plants .

If you don,t want the extra work , I would still try to find them a new home first :0)

8 Nov, 2008


Is there anyone interested in Ash seedlings?. I have got thousands.
Grow Bonsai seedlings in half a grapefruit skin and shave the roots off as they grow through the skin so you don't disturb the soil.

8 Nov, 2008


Don't know how many people are aware, but we've still got the plant/seed exchange page on here - but Ajay and Peter have cunningly hidden it away - you have to click on the 'Garden Plants' thingy at the bottom of the page..... take some finding!

8 Nov, 2008


I suggest you grow it as a Bonsai, because the best Bonsai are built up from seedlings grown slowly with short joints and pinched out regularly. Because of the attention they become quite precious. You can grow it in the Garden and treat it the same way. I have Scots Pine grown from a seedling, never moved, and 40 years old still only 2ft. high

8 Nov, 2008


Amy......Yes, the birches are lovely, really delicate Autumn leaves. Your Bonsais sound beautiful and so old...all those memories! I found another in the garden yesterday, so shall try them both as'll be very interesting!

Poaannua.....Thanks for that, you've done really well with your Scot's pine, I'm determined I.m going to try it, It's ready for pinching out now, so will do that today.....I think I'd like to see it at eyelevel though so will keep it in the greenhouse in Winter and stand it outside the rest of the year.

9 Nov, 2008


See if the local school would like it to grow in the grounds. You might start them off growing their own wood!

10 Nov, 2008


Hi Janey,

Im realy interested in getting into bonsai and am planning to take a few birch cuttings in early spring to get going ...also might try an oak cos they live for so long and i think it would nice to pass down through the generations!!

Was wondering if you managed to home your seedlings? I would love to adopt one of them!

Please get in touch!

30 Nov, 2010


Hi Daley'll really enjoy starting with Bonsai, its so interesting, and you can nearly use any tree seedling, depending on whether you want evergreen or deciduous bonsai. The Birch seedlings I did give away, though I'm not sure if they ended up as bonsai or full grown trees.

The weeping birch would be the best form...mine are uprights, and strangely enough started out as bonsais from my old garden about 35 years ago. When we moved 10 years ago, I gave the dish of baby bonsais to my Mum who hating the thought of restricted growth.....tipped them in her garden. Six years later, we came to our present home and Mum said there were a couple of Birch trees at the back of her shrubbery if we wanted them, and they were the self same trees. One didn't make it but the other must be 20ft tall now and is the parent of the seedlings in the question.

1 Dec, 2010

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