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Too late to plant clematis?


By Madmum

United Kingdom Gb

I bought a clematis "Miss Bateman" from the local garden centre, it was greatly reduced so I couldn't resist. Can I plant it now or should I leave it in a pot until spring? I'm in Hereford (not sure whether we're in the W.Midlands or on the Welsh border, I've only lived here 20 years)



I've bought several clems over the years in end of season sales and have planted some of them out Madmum. The bad news is that I have lost a couple this way. I think you would be safer keeping it potted in a cool light place, if you have a greenhouse or cold frame that would be great, until early spring. Others may disagree in which case I am sure they will tell you why.


6 Nov, 2008


Sorry John i do disagree, Autumn is a good time to get into the ground, not ideal for Clematis, i know, spring is far better, but one of the most common causes of loosing a clematis is clematis wilt, i think planting in a pot, where it will sit in a shallow amount of soil during winter would be more damaging, there is ofcourse the chance that you will loose it any way, but i think getting it in the ground would be the lesser of two evils, so my advice would be to plant it now in the ground, but plant deep - at least 6" lower than soil level, make sure that you choose a sheltered spot where there is some shade at the base of the plant, but it will get some sun futher up the plant. and then wait till mid spring to see if it reappears. good luck.

6 Nov, 2008


I've purchased several clematis very late like yourself and mine are currently under cover and will remain so until early April next year.

In my experience, the most common reason for people losing clematis is because they ignore their new plant in the autumn and do not cut it back HARD. I've found burying my clematis to just 2" below the soil surface is sufficient, but can understand that in a very cold location deeper would be safer.

For more information check out my clematis page (1 grow over 100 varieties)

6 Nov, 2008


Thank you for your answers, I think the sensible thing would be to cut it back as muddywellies has suggested, and keeping it in my mini greenhouse (not the cheap plastic covered shelves, but one with twin wall polycarbonate windows and wooden frame) until spring. Will this be OK?

Muddywellies, on your website you say to cut it back to a foot high, is that what I should do with mine?

6 Nov, 2008


As a matter of course I cut back ALL my first and second year clematis to around 12-15" at the end of autumn. Reason explained on my site if I recall.....

6 Nov, 2008


That's great, thank you!

6 Nov, 2008


I bought a reduced clematis last year and overwintered it in my Ghouse, planted in a pot in Spring and i was rewarded with beautifull large purple Flowers, even more next year, I Hope..

6 Nov, 2008

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