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Cracked apples


By Kenho

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

My 2 apple trees have developed large cracks and heavy bruising this year. One has lost 90% of leaves and looks like the rest are fading fast. Any ideas please ??

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I assume you mean the fruit is cracking and bruising Kenho rather than the tree itself? You don't say where you are exactly but I think the whole of the UK has had a bad summer weatherwise and would suspect that is a lot to do with your problems. My own apples (Cox's and Grannies) have not been much affected but I didn't get a single pear from my one tree.


5 Nov, 2008


Probably scab which is most prevelant in warm and wet conditions. Make sure you collect and destroy all affected leaves this year and spray next spring (if you are not organic - your local Garden Centre will be able to advise what to use). The fruit, although unsightly, is OK to eat

5 Nov, 2008


Saw fly causes cracks - as for leaf loss, that might be the time of year!

6 Nov, 2008

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