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Can any one ID this grass for me please????????

essex, England Eng

Late on last summer my mother-in-law gave me an Agave to rescue, and when potting it up i found this tiny sprig of pink stripy grass growing out of the side, so i planted it in the garden and it went absolutely mad. it is obviously very fast growing - it is rhizomatous, and as much as i like it i did'nt want it all over the garden, so i dug it up and put it in a large pot, last year it grew to about 18" - 2ft tall, and as the leaves matured the pink faded so that it was cream and pale green stripes. very thin and feathery quite soft fury leaves - the sort that easierly give a nasty grass cut (as i found out! lol) but no flowers - i had thought that it could be 'Canary Reed Grass' or 'Ribbon Grass' but i think these both flower and mine did'nt last year. but then it was planted quite late on - so it is possible that it missed its flowering time - if early on in the season. It died right back in the autumn but has now reappeared. does anyone have any ideas?




It looks like my New Zealand Flax Ang?

5 Mar, 2008


Looks even more like Gardener's Gaiters. This is a real tthug. Do not plant it out in the garden. Phalaris arundinacea picta

5 Mar, 2008


I agree with owdboggy - Gardeners' Garters. It's a real menace if planted in a border. As it likes a moist soil, I've got it in a pot in my pond but have to divide it every three yeas or so

5 Mar, 2008


defo not a Phormium Jac i have two of thoughs, Gardener's Gaiters does sound like it could be it i planted a tiny little sprig at the end of last august in a bed - not knowing what it is, and within just 6 weeks it was at least 2ft tall and the same in spread - at this point i kinda guessed it was a thug and put it into a pot. it is a very thursty beast too, does'nt like to be dry i have noticed that! well thanks to both of you for the ident, i can now keep it well and truely contained in a pot. it is quite pretty tho - does it flower?

5 Mar, 2008



6 Mar, 2008


It is still very pretty Ang.Sorry i didnt help :( Good job weve EXPERTS on site at hand :) Well Done Andrewr&Owdboggy :D

6 Mar, 2008


Phalaris - I grow this in a big pot which I've sunk into the border - it looks quite nice when it keeps to a clump and behaves itself! I've never heard it called 'Gardeners Gaiters' - you learn something new every day!!

6 Mar, 2008

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