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Clematis Nelly Moser

Attika, Greece Gr

I collected seed today from this particular clematis (I also have others)
Is there anyone who could tell me how to go about growing my own new plant and get it to flower?
Is this method common to all clematis or only to Nelly Moser?




First of all, as this is a hybrid what you sow is not what you may get.
Viable seed is plump and brown. Non-viable is paper thin. Snip off the tail as it can rot and kill the seed. Sow now in ordinary compost, preferably with the seed upright rather than flat.Cover with gravel,grit or whatever you prefer. Leave exposed to the weather and they germinate in spring.
From seed to flowering is generally about 3 years. Do not be in too big a hurry to prick them out, better left until they get a reasonable root system. Use deep pots when you do grow them on.

3 Nov, 2008


I can add that my C.montanas seed themselves! I have found several young plants in odd places near the parent plants. I have dug them up and am growing them on, potting up as necessary. The leaf colour from baby C.montana 'Rubens' is the same darker colour as its Mum, so it looks promising.

3 Nov, 2008


My main problem is what to do with the 50 or so baby clematis that I am waiting to see the flowers before throwing them away!
We get a few C. alpina seedling each year and one or two C. macropetala.
I have just sown some C. stans which I hope will grow as this is a very nice herbaceous type and quite rare.
C. recta purpurea gives about 1/3 purple stemmed ones and 2/3 ordinary green stemmed ones.

4 Nov, 2008


I hate throwing plants away - I'd rather give them to the School Fair or to neighbours - or even put them outside the gate with a 'help yourself' label!

It also really upsets me when I have pricked out enough (and more) seedlings than I can use - tipping the tray into the compost bin is SOOOO hard! Crazy person, I know.

4 Nov, 2008


You may even get a completely new Clematis !!! Then you can market it, multiplying by taking cuttings.

4 Nov, 2008


Ooops that is HOW you make sure that everyone knows that you are a newbie!!! - Hybrid - should have read the plant profile better ----- Thanks Owdboggy for the detailed instructions - and yes, I do have nice plump seeds (like myself) to give a go.
My 2 montanas I planted this year died due to Clematis Wilt after some really strong wind. I never had heard of this malais before and I thought it was due to watering and leaf evaporation. We are having so much wind the last year that it is not even remotely funny.
Spritzhenry box of your Montana and send it on - lol - I know what you mean - I try and even beg for people to take my clippings, seeds and runners .... and I do collect the odd discarded, but alive plant. Now it is the season for asters and chrysanthemums to be discarded and today I found a huge yucca.... So, I guess it is off to the rescue! Guess I'll take the yucca to the garden center.
Wyeboy - would that not be a grand thing ---- ??? No such luck I am afraid.

4 Nov, 2008


First of all, Wilt does not normally attack C. montana, it is more of a problem for the mid season hybrids and even then it rarely kills the plant, if you have planted them deeply as all nurseries etc. recommend.
Spritzhenry. I only throw awy the rubbish to be honest. These Clematis are hybrids and 99 percent of the plants will not be worth growing on. Know the feeling though. AND I find if I prick out the 12 I want they all die, but if I prick out 1,000s they all live!

4 Nov, 2008

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