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Baby Lily bulbs.

West Somerset, England Eng

While I was re-potting last year's Lilies ('Dizzy', 'Stargazer' etc.), I found quite a number of little bulbs by the big ones in the compost. Could somebody please advise me how to grow them on to flowering size? They are all about 1" across at the moment. Do I pot them up singly or several in a pot? How long do they take? .

On plant Lilium




if you have veg plot I would plant then out about 3 inches apart in a row and leave them there for two years, they should be in flowering condition by then

3 Nov, 2008


i planted little bulbs i collected from my lilies in pots i put three in each pot and am keeping my fingers crossed, i done the same thing a few years ago and my neighbour now has a large pot of lovely lilies good luck but i dont think you will need it cause if i can do it anyone can

3 Nov, 2008


How Fab uv loads here Spritz :) Now i know what 2 do with all my Baby Lily Bulbletts that iv pulled away from my Own Lillies Spritz Great Question :)

3 Nov, 2008


John - thanks, but I don't grow veggies, so there's no spare ground to plant them in.

I shall take Sarah's advice - thanks Sarah!

Good luck with yours, Jacque. :-)

LOL - yet more pots outside the greenhouse! I bought lots of new ones this year - my husband says it's going to be 'the year of the Lilies'! I shall line them all up and take a photo of them. And yes, I did remember to label them!

3 Nov, 2008


LOL good for u Spritz cant wait 2 see the Pic:)

3 Nov, 2008


I would plant them in pots, easier to keep an eye on.

4 Nov, 2008


Off to do that rite now Wyeboy :) Thanx 4 all the Great Advice uv given Spritz as this has also helped myself Loads :)

4 Nov, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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