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Have apple tree that appears to be rotting at base.We

lincolnshire, England Eng

we have apple tree that appears to be rotting at the base I have looked at it again today and noticed one side is turning a rusty colour up its trunk and bark is splitting am very confused because it fruited better this year but concerned because of safety issues .To remove or not is ?




Better than normal fruiting normally means the plant is under stress. The rotting looks pretty serious, I would get rid and plant a new one!

3 Nov, 2008


If you want to keep it do so, If you had good fruit on it, well done. It will take a long time to replace it with a new one.

3 Nov, 2008


We had a chestnut tree on our lawn at the farm that we know was planted over 200 years previous, it had a weeping scar right down one side of the trunk just like your apple tree. In desperation I poured a disinfectant over it, can't remember what I used probably Jeys Fluid, it dried up and is still flourishing some 30 years on worth a try.

3 Nov, 2008

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