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I want to use Hibiscus Tiliaceus ubra as a hedge how far appart shoule I plant them?



You are so lucky to be able to grow this gorgeous tree! Its flowers are lovely. *jealous* :-)

According to this website -

"Living fences
A hedge of beach hibiscus planted on 1 - 2 metre (3.3 - 6.6 feet) centres can be trimmed regularly to provide a dense living fence."

It goes on to say -
"Use as living fence, hedge, or visual/noise barrier
Beach hibiscus is frequently used in urban environments
as a hedge or privacy screen. Regular pruning to maintain appropriate size and a groomed appearance is necessary.
Maintenance requirements
The unruly habit of the tree can be tamed by regular pruning 1–3 times per year into a hedge or specimen tree, or by training the branches on a trellis or pergola. Otherwise, the tree requires little attention once established."

And it also says that the roots are invasive and can cause problems in urban areas.

Happy growing!

24 May, 2011

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