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south facing garden land scaping idea


By Kisho

United Kingdom Gb

I have 21' by 5' south facing garden next to wooden fencing which needs to be upgraded to maintance free garden.
HELP!! Please let me havde som e ideas.



Are you sure that's the correct size, Kisho? 5 feetwide? could you please confirm - is this a long VERY thin piece of ground? Or is it a border, part of a garden?

30 Oct, 2008


Kisho, you could set out your path edging (if you are having one), lay weed suppressant down on the path and over the garden area. Cover the path with e.g. gravel etc. and cover your garden area with bark or similar to a depth of approx. 2 inches. That is your maintainance free garden!
To plant you uncover and cut through the weed suppressant membrane, dig your hole, plant and replace membrane and bark.
Hope this helps

30 Oct, 2008

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