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what can i plant now for the spring/summer


By Bobby13

United Kingdom Gb

i have a new garden which i would like to plant for lots of colour in the spring/summer and not have to do to much to it, any ideas would be great, thanks



Hi Bobby13, Bulbs, you just put them in and forget about them, Tulips are great, hundreds of colours, and the right time to plant them is now :)

27 Oct, 2008


Hardy geraniums - they flower for a long time, into autumn for some of them! Better to plant them in the spring, now, and there will be more choice in the Garden Centres then, too. You should think about some flowering shrubs, too, to add height. Also a 'background' of evergreens so that your garden is not just bare earth in the winter. You can get these now and plant them before you put bulbs in. It doesn't have to be conifers, there are also evergreen shrubs that flower, like Choisya ternata - lovely scented white flowers and the leaves are aromatic! Viurnum tinus is a wonderful evergreen shrub that flowers right through the winter and in spring too. Have you got fences to grow climbers? There are many for 'vertical' flowers, lots of different Clematis and others too. Lots to think about in your planning! Hope this helps.

27 Oct, 2008


And don't forget the Roses! every garden should have at least one - well in my opinion anyway lol check out the David Austin web site, now is a good time to order bare root roses, ideal time of year to plant too.

28 Oct, 2008


Agree with your choices Spritz. Got a couple of C. ternata Sundance (the yellow leaved one) myself bought as plugs in spring. Not very big yet but not expensive and I didn't know they had aromatic leaves. Also they don't mind shade. Lovely plant. Don't forget Bobby, the more you can cram in the less chance the weeds have.


28 Oct, 2008


Sarra - a man after my own heart! I 'plant close' as well - probably too close sometimes - but it does indeed help to deter weeds.

Bobby - sorry I spelt 'Viburnum' wrong.

28 Oct, 2008


thanks for that advice too my gardens quite new and i didnt know you could get hardy geraniums!! will be looking for them next year

30 Oct, 2008

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