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I have to little plants . they have three leafts on each of them . they are a yellowish greenish color.Now I dont have a green thumb at all so I am having a hard time keeping them alive and because I have no idea what kind of plant they are I cant google anything about it to help it. If you rubb them your hand will smell like lemon If you just smell the leaf you smell alittle lemon plz someone help me. I am just trying to keep them alive. when they where given to me they where in mudd and rocks maybe I should put them back in that kind of soil.




Hi it looks like an ivy leafed pelargonium, pot them up in some general compost and overwinter in the house, not too much water, they should be more green than yellow, they should be kept in greenhouse ideally, and cut back and then you can take cuttings in the spring, hope that helps?

27 Oct, 2008


Could be a scented geranium which is close cousin of the ivy leaved pelargonium. (In fact the scented geranium is technically a pelargonium). The ivy leaved one is a trailer with waxy leaves, the scented one (which because of the lemon smell I think is slightly more likely) is upright with slightly hairy leaves. Doesn't really matter which genus it is though, Angliaelliott, except for your own satisfaction, because DDs advice is good for either.


27 Oct, 2008


Yes the leafs are hair feeling thats for sure. But you say its still the same maitance. Thank you very much It was driving me crazy that i couldnt figure it out. Now to just keep it alive.....

27 Oct, 2008


Just an additional thought as to why it's not thriving. Has that pot you have it in got drainage holes in it? It's possible that the roots are drowning. I would re-pot in multi-compost in an ordinary flowerpot and then put that inside a decorative pot.

27 Oct, 2008


why thank you, That could be a big possability considering there is no holes at all in the I am just learning never had a green thumb. thank you

27 Oct, 2008


Yes, it's a scented geranium which smells a bit lemony, good advice from Spritz, used to have one for years, you can keep it in the house on a window sill, it will have small pink flowers in the Spring.

29 Oct, 2008

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