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spiderplant problems


By 27west9

United Kingdom Gb

im sandra i have 2 spiderplant one big and one small that i repotted this october because the leaves was turning yellow and dying and it was a littil pot bound , but its still turning yellow and now the small spider pants leaves are wilting and falling and has left a big gap in the pot so i dont know wat to do with the gap. Also its starting to make flowers and its getting to winter is that normal? and would it survive? the big plant is big but hasnt made any babies it doesnt get a lot of sun but my windows is always opend,i was told that i didnt do the right thing by repotting so i should get some babie plants to fill the gaps in the pot but now the babies are turnig brown and dying, please help me



You say the windows are always open. This plant needs warmth and should be under cover in Winter. The Little plantlets, if you have any. can sometimes be rooted by floating them on water, on a warm window sill.

26 Oct, 2008


hi Sandra i'm Sandra too.
spider plant.
needs sun light. in winter needs a little heat.
does not like standing in water. make sure an hour or so after you have watered that you drain off any excess water. and don't water again until its dry. check by putting your finger into the soil to see if its wet. if you have only just repotted the plant it will take a few weeks to settle in.

27 Oct, 2008

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