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bird of paridise plant


By Bmwman

United Kingdom Gb

we have a 8ft b of p plant somebody gave us at the mo its in our garden do we need to bring it in it is 10yrs old and never flowered but we have loads of new shoots on it



Wow any babies willing to share willing to pay .

25 Oct, 2008


Hi Bmwman. You don't say where you are in the UK. This is marginal. If you are in the far south-west you may get away with it fleeced but anywhere else I wouldn't trust it. Be best in a cold greenhouse if you have one.


25 Oct, 2008


Yes i agree, i had one a couple of years ago that i raised from seed, i live in Essex - just outside of London. and I used to work in Central London, a friend of mine and fellow florist lived in W.London and managed to grow one out side all year round without any protection in a sheltered area of her garden. I had my one for 8 years and used to leave it out on my balcony during the winter in the flat i used to live and got away with it for about 6 years. but when i moved to my house 2 years ago, (it's only 2 miles down the road!), i brought it into the house the first year as i was'nt sure on how sheltered my garden was, frost pockets ect. and it flowered for the first time at Christmas. then last year after realising that i did have some really good sheltered spots i decided to bit the bullet and plant it out into the garden as it got far too big for a pot, and my greenhouse! well I lost it last winter, and the part of the country i live i can get away with Canna, Ginger, Agave, Mexican Yucca and other sub-tropics with a bit of fleece and no problems. so i would bring it into the house, you will proberly find that it will flower if you do, they say after 7 years it is mature enough to flower, and if yours is 10 years old, the heat during the colder months may just do it, and you know it's safe then. i was really upset to loose mine after having it for so long and growing it from seed myself, maybe i will have another go when i have a bigger greenhouse. good luck

26 Oct, 2008

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