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By Boydie

warwick [birmingham], United Kingdom Gb

Anyone out there got any tips on pruning this beautiful plant, I dont want to lose it, after all the care I have given it over the last few months, please, please, help.





Hi Boydie. These are lovely plants to grow. You should prune it back to about half its present height.leaving a few shoots , as soon as flowering finishes. Store it frost free , with only sufficient watering to keep it alive, until fresh growth begins next year.. My Son grows several of these but always takes them under cover for the Winter.

22 Oct, 2008


Just a pedantic point Boydie. That is technically a Brugmansia not a Datura. The 2 species were split by those mysterious boffins who do that sort of thing a couple of years ago. Datura flowers stand erect, brugs hand down.

Not important but just thought you may like to know. Po is of course correct on winter care. If yours is planted out (not clear from the photo) it may even be worth potting it up for the winter rather than trusting to fleece, especially in the midlands with its probable hard frosts.


23 Oct, 2008


Hi John. Thanks for that tip re difference in Brugs and Dats, wsill use it to impress my Son and Daughter-in-Law whose up to date plant naming far surpasses mine.

24 Oct, 2008

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