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Cotinus 'Golden Spirit'

essex, England Eng

i have recently bought 2 new Cotinus bushes, i have the common purple variety, and i recently bought another one called 'Golden Spirit' which is lime to yellow during the summer, and it is suposed to turn bright orange in the autumn. Well it does'nt seem to be doing this at all. the purple one is just starting to change red, but the yellow one has'nt changed at all the leaves just seem to be going crispy, creamy in colour and dropping off without the lovely orange colouring. i only bought it a couple of weeks ago from ebay and have'nt got round to planting it in the ground yet, it is in a large terricotta pot in a bright but sheltered area in the garden. the purple one has'nt dropped any leaves at all and seems to be doing what it should this time of year, but it is already planted in the ground as i have had it a couple of months. does anyone have much experience of Cotinus that would be able to tell me if i have a problem with the yellow one? or if it could be because it is in a pot? Call me daft but i thought cotinus was evergreen? any advice would be welcome.




Hello, i don't know why it's not turning orange but i do know they are deciduous. Is the potted one in the sunshine or shade? Wish i had room for some cotinus, they're lovely

22 Oct, 2008


Could be better next year if it is a yound plant. But I had one some years ago and I can't remember it turning orange.

22 Oct, 2008


Cotinus are deciduous so will lose its leaves sooner or later. I planted 'Golden Spirit' earlier this year (in shade) but it's not turning colour yet or dropping its leaves

22 Oct, 2008


Are they suposed to be in shade, only acording to my info they do best in sun or semi-shade, mine is in semi shade at the moment, and will be planted in an area that is sheltered, with sun for a couple of hours in the afternoon, dapled shade the rest of the day, i thought this would be an ideal area for it? - i have to dig the bed over and cement in 2 fence posts and attach a trellis pannel before i can plant it in the ground, and to be honest i have either not had the time or the weather for doing this since it arrived lol - typical! but i could just plant it in another area in the garden just for now and then move it later on once its done, if you think being in a pot is the problem, but i though they disliked root disturbance?

24 Oct, 2008

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