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Passion Flower


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Is it A Evergreen Climber?



Most of them are, Jacque, so unless you have a rare one - the answer is 'yes'!

21 Oct, 2008


Thanx Spritz :) i know where im going2plant My Passion Flower now XXX

21 Oct, 2008


They can get quite rampant!

We have one in a large pot with a metal obelisk for it to climb. We thought it had died in April - but in May it was flowering and has continued to do so all summer. Now, in late October, it has orange fruits and even more flowers.

21 Oct, 2008


They even grow up here Jacque and yet so delicate looking.The most successful appear to be grown out of any direct wind against a wall and as much sun ( ?) as possible.

21 Oct, 2008


Iv got plans 2grow it up a Tall South Facing Post which in the Future will become the centre of 2 Garden Arches that lead into the Cottage/Wildlife Area of garden Bonkers so i think tl be happy with all that2grow up&over dont u?:)

21 Oct, 2008


I stayed in a cottage a few years ago, in Wales, right on a edge of a cliff and one was growing along the front of the cottage, facing the sea. It was bashed by rain, winds and sea spray but it was magnificent, huge and covered in flowers. I had one, it got frosted and died. My book says: free draining soil, full sun and maximum protection from frost is essential, looks like I'll never have one :(, Regards, Dawn

22 Oct, 2008


i have one growing in the orkneys it's standing up well to the weather here so it is a tough plant

22 Oct, 2008

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