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Please could you tell me how to over-winter bedding geraniums which I have been growing in pots. Do I have to cut them down, remove leaves etc? Thankyou



Yes, cut them back and remove any flowers and buds. Leave a few leaves, and keep them on the dry side in a frost-free place with some light. Watch out for grey mould - remove any affected leaves at once. Start them off again in the spring.

20 Oct, 2008


Brilliant, I would like to try and keep my geraniums too. I have saved cuttings but have some flowers still on some... I will go and snip them off.... or can I wait a few weeks?

20 Oct, 2008


I still have all the flowers on mine, but in the greenhouse. I wanted to plant up my tubs with bulbs etc even though my geraniums were still blooming away. I shall cut them back when the first frost is forecast - so i don't see why you shouldn't wait, A jh. Just watch out for grey mould - it's damp conditions and not enough ventilation that starts it off.

20 Oct, 2008


Grey mould fungus, Botrytis Cineria.
Put dry sharp sand on top of your pots, half inch deep. I would dust with green sulphur.

21 Oct, 2008


You could bring them into the my old home, we had a small conservatory which caught the sun, I kept them flowering all winter, then in Spring pruned them back, repotted them and off they went again....early summer back in the garden.

21 Oct, 2008

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