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pruning apple trees


By Cindyh

leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

how and when do i prune my apple trees??? thank you



Hi Cindy, When the trees are dormant, Dec/Jan. Cut out dead wood, then cut main branches that cross. Cut back the scions, large ones lightly, thin ones harder. It would be a great time to think about grafting. Save some large scions for a porcupine graft.

21 Oct, 2008


If your tree is out of control as some in my garden are after moving here recently, it may be worth getting a good shape now. the usual method is to cut the larger branches that come off the main branches to 3 buds. In the Spring the buds that have been cut will produce the fruiting stems, these should be cut to within 2 buds and I have been advised to do this when the tree is in flower. I am going to do that this Autumn and next Spring and see how it goes.

21 Oct, 2008

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