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What is this plant please?




Is it a shrub or plant? if it is a shrub look up Daphne as there are a few types some winter flowering and some later with glossy leaves google may help

20 Oct, 2008


Certainly not a Daphne, the flowers are the wrong shape for that. Otherwise not able to help, sorry.

20 Oct, 2008


I don't recognise it, but assume that it is not hardy in UK. So bring it indoors and treat as a greenhouse/conservatory plant over winter.It is lovely so would be worth the effort to look after it nicely.

20 Oct, 2008


How about an escallonia? These shrubs should survive the winter in a sunny, sheltered spot

20 Oct, 2008


Thanx guys - I shall build on this info. Cheers ;>)

20 Oct, 2008


Escallonia looks just right. TYVM

20 Oct, 2008


Escallonia would be hardy though - got some in my garden. Is it a shrub?

20 Oct, 2008


Could we have a size reference in pic please?

20 Oct, 2008


It is a close up - the flower cluster is about 1 1/2 inches tall.

The photo was taken in Ireland last week - milder than England.

It didn't have a woody stem - plant was about 15" tall.


20 Oct, 2008

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