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chimney stacks


By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

what could I grow in a chimney stack which I am thinking of buying for my garden?



The classic plants are things that trail over the sides like ivy or nasturtiums. Then whatever ypu like to go with them. You pays your money and takes your choice I suppose.


20 Oct, 2008


What ever you choose in the end the plant could need 'potting on' and it my be difficult to get it out due to the hight of the stack, I would find an ordinary plant pot just the right size to fit inside the stack and sit neatly on the top maybe and then you could change the contents according to the seasons. Regards Cheryl

20 Oct, 2008


I have several chimney pots - some short and one tall one. I do exactly what Cheryl suggests and keep (empty) flower pots aside which fit in the top of the chimnies, ready to be planted up. I do change the pots each season. Sometimes I have the 'replacement' pot already planted up so that the previous 'finished' one can just be changed quickly with a fresh planted pot. There are lots of trailing plants that keep the flowering ones company and flow nicely over the edge, the ones that you'd buy for hanging baskets. Dwarf bulbs are in mine as well as the top plants at the moment.

20 Oct, 2008


For a more permanent planting that relies on foliage colour rather than flowers, I have two pots on pedestals planted with phormium 'Platts Black' (a dwarf variety) in the middle and the golden form of creeping jenny hanging down the sides

20 Oct, 2008


we have a few old chimney stacks dotted around the garden. i push a wooden stake into the ground so the pot sits on this and just clears the top .this way the pot dosn't get 'jammed' onto the stack..........steve

20 Oct, 2008

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