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how should i treat my agerpanther to ensure a good re growth next year /



Are they in pots or in the ground?

20 Oct, 2008


In the ground they need a fertile well drained soil in full sun In cold areas mulch well in the winter I have mine growing in pots they say they like to be clumped fairly close! water freely when they are in growth but hold back sparingly in the winter. They say they are hardy to half hardy so I do admit I put mine in my cold unheated greenhouse for the winter to play safe and then take them out and apply a liquid fertiliser every month from Spring to flowering. Hope all goes well. I notice young plants growing up in the pots that were stored next to them, obviously the seeds had dropped on the service and Bob's your Uncle!! they take three years to come to flower from that stage though.

20 Oct, 2008


According to the A-Z it says sow seeds in the Spring when they are ripe 55deg-59deg F 13-15 Cent store in a frame for the first winter in frost prone climates, they will flower in 2-3 years, most seedlings do not come true to colour. or you can divide the plant in the Spring.. As I say mine have seeded on their own by the seeds dropping onto other pots in the cold green house.

20 Oct, 2008

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