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Hi, Like a lot of others, we lost our Palm tree over the winter. Is there anything we can do to save it ?.

Any help would be very welcome, we have had this tree over ten years.

Thank's Tony



Do you mean Cordyline or an actual Palm tree. Cant rally do much with pals if the main growing tip is dead, its dead, Cordylines you can, but i would of thought by now if it was going to grow, it should be showing signs of i by now...

1 May, 2011


Agree with Nicky08 as some people confuse Palms and Cordylines. You should feel some new growth if you put your hand inside the top of the Palm or see the new leaves. If still present, tug gently on the inner leaves. If you can pull them out with normal finger strength, the plant is dead and you will need to chop it down.

Cordylines might regrow from the base or actually anywhere in the stem - normally towards the top or bottom. I would leave a Cordyline till June as it can take the warmer weather and light to stimulate growth. If it is mushy or soft then you need to cut down until you get firm stems as the rot will spread.

1 May, 2011


I have an inch of the new growth right at the base of my 20ft+/nearly 20 year old Cordyline Australis despite it looking very dead. Give it a little longer.

1 May, 2011


Thank you all, Yes it is a real Plam, and all the leaves have fallen off, we are just left with four branches. I have cut the ends off in the hope it will grow back.

Thank's for your help, all I can do is wait.


2 May, 2011

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