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We have a pommegranet plant it has grown since last year but we do not kniow much about them any tips will be useful.



Mine took several years before it began to flower. I also found that I needed to do the pollenization for it to develop fruit. Right now it is developing the flowers. I have another one right next to it that has never done anything.

30 Apr, 2011


thanks we will be patient.

30 Apr, 2011


Give it as much sun and heat as possible, or they will not ripen fruit in the UK.

1 May, 2011


It is currently in a tub so we can over winter this in the green house. Not sure how big it will get and it may have to be planted out if it gets too big.

8 May, 2011


Prune it before you put it back in the greenhouse. I keep mine at 6 feet tall. It also has started forming flowers.

9 May, 2011

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