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By Alextb

London, England Eng

One of my roses did not flower last year, and someone suggested that maybe it was not getting enough nutrition.

I have heard that tea leaves are good for roses.

Would this help in trying to get it flower?

Thanks in advance.




Didnt we have this photo and question already?

28 Apr, 2011


Sort of. I asked if it would flower this year, as it is more established. I have now asked of it would have more chance of flowering if tea leaves were applied for acidity and nutrition.

29 Apr, 2011


Used tea leaves are good for acid and fulvates, but are a little thin on the major nutrients. Legume waste (pea pods, etc.) banana peels chopped fine, and dead flowers (any kind, but without mature seeds) composted together with some dry matter will provide many of the nutrients needed for good growth and blooming. Adding bone meal and Epsom salts in moderation will also help. Thinning out the thicket underneath will also help it to keep the nutrients you put on it, rather than having its pockets turned out at the pub by all of its "friends". : )

30 Apr, 2011


Thanks Tugbrethil.

30 Apr, 2011


I have just read a another member's question about rose bushes in shaded palces. The rose in question here, only get a few hours of Sun in the morning. Could this be why I get no flowers?

1 May, 2011


Less than four hours of direct sun a day will really cut into the blooming of most varieties, Alex.

2 May, 2011


That is probably the problem then. I finally found out why.

Thanks Tugbrethil

2 May, 2011

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