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By Grryrbb

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

I have a plant that is the same height,same shape leaves and bulbs as a spring onion but smells like garlic.
Maybe because it is in a clump the bulbs do not grow as they should,they are as not as wide as a biro and a inch tall also the outer leaf partially covering the bulb is purple and the leaves grow to the same height as a spring onion it has also never flowered.
Is it a spring onion, can we eat it or what is it?
Can you please help. Thanks for the answers so far. I have attached photo (s) to help. I have put a biro beside them.

Thank you, Garry

Unknown_plant_001 Unknown_plant_002 Unknown_plant_003



Looks like red spring onion to me. Is this garden new to you Gary? Maybe you planted something and forgot it - I do that all the time. Sometimes I find bulbs I planted earlier when I plant some more.

28 Apr, 2011


No we have been here for years , the plant has been in the corner since we arrived just got round to it now I am retired but thanks for the info

28 Apr, 2011


If this is the same question you asked a couple of days ago my reply was wrong - this certainly isn't wild garlic!

28 Apr, 2011


yes it is but thanks for the reply

28 Apr, 2011


Well it isn't like any wild garlic I've seen - the leaves look to be long, like onion leaves, but wild garlic leaves are more the shape of French sorrel, bright light green and broad.

1 May, 2011

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