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dalia tubers


By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted three small tubers and look what I dug up. How and when do I split them? Have never split tubers before so please keep the instructions easy for a beginner.




Leave as they are now, store in a box of dry peat, in the dark in a frost free store.
Bring out in March, take the peat off the top and water. When the shoots start to grow, divide up where you can.

17 Oct, 2008


I am sure the first answer is the best advice. For years I have wrapped mine in newspaper put them in a closed cardboard box and stored them in the garage and they have always been fine. I take them out when frosts have finished in the spring. You can plant it again like this or divide if you want to.

17 Oct, 2008


Adding to what Drbob says, that's the way I've been taught. I wouldn't doubt that Inverglen's method works too. There are no clear cut answers in gardening.

The one thing I would add is that a VERY sharp knife is useful.


17 Oct, 2008


Just remember that the plant grows from the stem not from the tubers, they are only storage organs and have no growth points on them.

17 Oct, 2008

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