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By Katya

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

How to treat an apple tree for mould? We planted a small Cox's Pippin last autumn and it is now in leaf but today I noticed a white mould - powdery mildew? - on the uppermost shoot. Our next-door neighbour has an apple tree that's about 5 years old near the boundary with our garden and his tree also has a white mould, and was infected last year too. On both trees the affected leaves are curling up. We would both like to know what we can safely spray the apples with as Rose Clear warns against spraying edible crops and is specifically for ornamentals. On the other hand, my Bug Gun says it's OK for edibles but it doesn't treat fungi.



You need to find a fungicidal spray which is okay to use on edible plants - sounds like a trip to the garden centre and reading lots of labels on bottles... Roseclear is systemic (means it gets into the sap stream) which is why it isn't suitable, so a contact fungicide might be okay, but check the labels.

30 Apr, 2011

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