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I would like to do a box ball, but I don´t know the steps. What should I do

On plant common box ball



Obvious first step - buy a suitable plant. Start to train it at once by looking at the shape and clip off tiny pieces of growth at the base to start the rounded shape. You will need to let the top grow and bush out a bit more before you can shape that and the sides. Just take it slowly and clip off tiny shoots only. Some Garden Centres sell wire-netted box bushes ready for you to clip off the wayward shoots - but that's a bit of a cheat, really, isn't it!
You must be patient - this is going to take a long time!

17 Oct, 2008


I have recently tried some different shapes. Take a look at my pics and blog as I show one in three seperate steps.

19 Oct, 2008

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