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my Hoya carnosa


By Lody

United Arab Emirates Ae

I have this indoor plant and its not growing, they told me i any one touch the head of plant it will not grow ist correct?
please inform me how to care this plant



It abhors pruning as a young plant. It grows fairly slowly in the UK because our light is not strong enough but it flowers regularly. Most important thing right now is to start drying out its compost to prevent root rot even if you are keeping it in the conservatory - so don't water it much before April.

16 Oct, 2008


Hi Lody
I have a Hoya that covers a whole wall ..... outdoors - but then I do live in Greece. They do definately need protection from the cold.
I found the follwing to be true and crucial:
Give your Hoya a snug fitting home - they are like cats and love tight spaces to bloom and grow. My guess could be that you got it in a big pot and it will develop only roots for now.
Let your Hoya dry out during watering - sort of like succulents really.
Fertilize every 2 months during summer and do not prune into live flesh.
Care should be taken with aphids, wind, and sudden tem changes.
Needs sun or indirect sun light for at least 4 to 6 hours a day.
Hope that helped?

16 Oct, 2008

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