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Abies Koreana - yellow needles

Attika, Greece Gr

Do the needles of this fir turn yellow in fall (I live in Greece)? The Tree seems healthy and is growing well, but the needles closest to the trunk are turning yellowish - it seems to progress fromt the bottom to the top to the outside ..
I have this tree now for 3 years and I seem to remember last years the same, but less evident event -----???
I fertilized with conifer fertilizer. We have clay soil to which I add peat, organic humus etc...




Dont worry Conifers have to lose leaves same as deciduous ones, they just keep them a year or two longer but eventually they have to fall.

15 Oct, 2008


Also, Korean fir prefer cooler summers, not sure on your climate, but if you get very hot mediterranean summers the plant will struggle.

16 Oct, 2008


Thank you both for putting my mind at ease. I LOVE conifers and would hate to loose any.

BTW does anyone know why my tree hasn't set any cones this year? When I bought it had none, second year it set cones now this third year none. Do they jump years?

16 Oct, 2008


This is the silver fir which is very evident when you check beneath the branches. This fir is one of the youngest to produce cones. Don't worry if they skip a year when your plant is so young.

Most conifers grow on mountain sides with very little nutrient as it will run down with the rains. On this basis I would suggest that with clay soil (which is naturally nutritious) you are overdoing things somewhat by adding fertiliser, peat and humus. Also, do make sure that your branches are not being overshadowed by their neighbours. This is a beautiful tree and needs really to stand apart in splendid isolation.

16 Oct, 2008


I have one of these in the front garden - it is about ten years old. The cone production is very variable from year to year. This year we have hardly any.

16 Oct, 2008

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