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By Roberto

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my jucca has branch two more trunks and needs to be cut in to 3 plants after ten years. how do i cut it?



Ahh, well, Jucca's are so indistructable, you wouldn't want to know. I had some growing right along the fence in my old garden and they were in the way so much, I tried to dig them up, cut them down, nothing worked. Then I threw diesel oil on them, that seemed to work, although a year later, out popped another one. I found the had rhizomes in the ground too, so you'd have to follow them all the way to find the last little bit. Each bit can regrow. Here is your answer. Just go to the base and dig a bit, cut them into 3 or 4 or more sections and plant them indivicually. They'll soon come up. I have never heard of it that you have to cut them into 3 plants after ten years. Where did you read that? Mine were there for years.....probably 25 years.

15 Oct, 2008

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