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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

I still have not found out for sure what kind of apple tree I have. It is coming to the end for this year, and the apples are definately not sweet. I'm going to prune, fertalize and spray for fungus next year, and see what happens.




Are you sure they are ripe yet Harli? I have a Cox's O.P. and a Granny Smith that won't be ready for a month yet. Yours look like dessert apples but as there are 100s of varieties I think you will have difficulty finding out exactly what they are. Used to live in Vancouver many years ago but seem to remember that on the West Coast they could still be ripening very late.

15 Oct, 2008


Thank you Sarracenjac and that of course is a possibility.
Most have fallen off the tree and only about half the leaves left, but I shall wait and see. My Mother had a snow apple tree when I was growing up that ripened the end of Oct. Each year Dad would wrap the best apples in newspaper, put them in a wooden box and bury them.
You could dig them up in the middle of Winter and they were as sweet & crunchy as just picked.

15 Oct, 2008


Been out today and looked at a collection of historic apple varieties. There were 143 on display, so naming an apple is not easy.

15 Oct, 2008


Yes boggy and that is just the historic. I think that if you include modern cultivars it is about 700. HELP!

15 Oct, 2008


Not to mention the large number of Cider varieites AND that is only in Britain.

16 Oct, 2008


there is also the possibility that this is not a cultivated variety but an apple tree grown from seed, they do not grow true to the varity they came from taking characteristics from the different cross bred apples that were used to breed the apple that the pip came from

16 Oct, 2008

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