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By Mitten

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How should I protect am agave plant from frost,please?
Large plant - c 4 ft tall.



Is your agave in the ground or in a pot.? and what part of the country do you live in, all these questions answered will help me give you an answer.

14 Oct, 2008


If in the ground you could make a plastic cloche, which will protect it against sligfht frosts, but you would be able to cover it with bubble plastic temporrarily iif hard frost was expected. Mine are potted and I brought them into plastic tunnel today. I dont advise moving a potted really large one , too blessed dangerous.

14 Oct, 2008


where do you live? i live on the west coast of pembrokeshire and have left mine outside for the last three years. but i take the side shoots off and take them into the greenhouse for insursnce purposes...
also i do try and plant them where they get protection from the north wind.

14 Oct, 2008


Here in northern Spain we get ferocious winters and there are agaves growing along the edge of one of the mountain roads. They are about 3ft high and have been there since I have known this region so, unless there are non-hardy types that I don't know about, I would say it will be OK.

15 Oct, 2008

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