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hi are cyclamen seeds easy to germinate as i was thinking of trying them next year. as anyone sewn them?



I`ve tried from some seed I gathered from a couple of hardy cyclamens I have in the garden. Nothing is happening yet, and sowed them about 3 weeks ago. I was told by someone to soak them first to remove a sticky coating that they have on them, but I didn`t do that. Not sure I will have any success, but will leave them a bit longer, however I have also been told that they will freely seed around the existing plants so really no need to gather and sow yourself, but I just wanted to give it a try.

13 Oct, 2008


Ok. First of all Fresh seed germinates far better than dried seed so if you know someone who has a plant which produces seed then beg steal or borrow some/ June/July is the normal time for the seed to be ripe.
Best if you do wash the seed first in a little washing up liquid, but it is not really needed.
Sow the seed on the surface of the compost and do not cover, they need light to germinate and a temperature of around 16c.
Do not be in a big hurry to prick them out, sow thinly and wait until the cormlets are a reasonable size before moving them on.
Best way to sow is to collect the seeds, throw them on a patch of gravel and stand back!

13 Oct, 2008


I agree with Andrea, I have never had to sow seeds from hardy cyclamen; the seedlings just naturally pop up around the existing plants. I am just waiting for some of them to mature before moving.

15 Oct, 2008

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