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I wish to plant 20 feet of hedging I was thinking of laurel as I need a height of between 15 to20 feet, however I have seen Eriobotrya Japonica available in my local nursery I understand it has a white flower. Would be suitable? Would it be reasonably dense as I wish to hide a nearby house. Comments please. Ron Viveash



Hi Ron, I believe this plant may grow to apprx 5-10 metres but is medium growing, probably about the same rate as an apple tree!! It would take quite a while to hide a house with it.

15 Apr, 2011


It's also an ugly grower, tending to make lanky, unattractive shapes, bare at the base, and is only fully hardy down to -9 deg. C, so you'd have lost them this last winter - you haven't said where you are in the UK, and that makes a difference though. It's also winter flowering, so you won't get any flowers unless the winter is extremely mild.
Prunus laurocerasus is presumably what you were thinking of planting - reaches 25 feet if left unpruned, commonly used for hedging, very hardy.

15 Apr, 2011

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