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now that im doing the back garden ive come upon a problem with the grass,im digging up grass that creeps along the surface and has loads of roots,do i leave it or pull it up,it doesnt seem like my lawn grass and seems very invasive,chris



That is couch grass, and yes pull the surface sections back to the original plant and then dig out the roots. The roots should be easy to spot, They will be white, strong and with small sharp points at the end that may have split into two, If the tips are near the top of the soil, they will have a green tinge to them. Other more mature roots will be cream, with tan sections where they have set out a further clump of fine dark roots.
It is a very invasive weed and you should dig out as much of the damned stuff as poss. If left to it's own devices the bl@@dy things will take over.

14 Apr, 2011


And I've found out the hard way that it survives being put in the composter, so put it in the "to be burnt" pile, not the compost pile or you'll have even more of it than you had before.

14 Apr, 2011


bloody hell if it isnt brambles its this,do i have every bad weed going,thanks2ndhand and beattie

14 Apr, 2011


Actually, this is worse (more persistent) than brambles... sorry! :-?

14 Apr, 2011


The best cure I find to keep it out of the borders, is to edge the beds, all my borders lines are 6" lower than the turf and I edge the borders fairly regularly.

15 Apr, 2011

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