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By Nana_d

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I planted a passion flower last year which did really well but it doesnt seem to be coming back to life at the moment my jasmine next to it has started sprouting are passion flowers later to sprout or has it been killed by the cold weather?? Both are in large pots.



If you look closely, as I have done with mine, you may be just able to see minute buds forming, they are pretty tough plants, I thought I had lost mine too but think it will alright, dont forget to water it, if it is in a pot!

11 Apr, 2011


Ah thank you for your reply Grandmage I will have a really close look tonight when I get home and yes I have been watering it so fingers crossed all will be well:)

11 Apr, 2011


Hope it grows for you!

11 Apr, 2011


Hi Nana,
Some Passiflora have certainly been killed by this last, very extreme winter cold - there's a large-ish one in a garden near us that is definitely dead, for example - but, after suffering such a major shock, they can also take a long time to recover and make some re-growth. I do hope that yours pulls through for you.

11 Apr, 2011


After a particularly harsh winter here ours looked dead, but shoots sprang up from the base during a warmish Spring and off it went - seeking world domination! Be patient - I'm sure it will recover. :o)

12 Apr, 2011


Thanks everyone for you comments, looked very very closely last night but no signs of life as yet but I will be patient for a little bit longer as you have all said it might pull through:)

12 Apr, 2011

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