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My Portuguese Laurel looks completely dead - should I hang on a bit and see if any new growth appears, or just bite the bullet and cut it down. (There is a younger tree alongside it that was entirely unaffected by the harsh winter.)



Scratch the bark on the main stem, and see if the wood is brown (dead) or green (still alive). I thought my pink Ceanothus was dead, but it has small shoots appearing, so it may well be worth hanging on for a while.

10 Apr, 2011


Hello Lyndyburg! Welcome to Goy! The same thing happened to me with two standard Buxus, the Buxus hedge beside them was absolutely fine! However, after advice from another Goy member-Tugbrethil, I watered them with dilute feed to stimulate growth and waited... and just today they have started to leaf up again! I'll prune them lightly back into shape when they have recovered a bit more. So, just as Spritz says where there's green under the bark, there's hope!

10 Apr, 2011


Thanks very much Spritz and Libet - I will do as you suggest. Here's hoping ...

11 Apr, 2011

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