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Evergreens with yellowing leaves

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My skimmia (kew green) and viburnum have developed yellow leaves near the middle and base. My soil is very sandy, a bit acid (camellia is very healthy) and I composted the beds & fed with Growmore in the Spring.



Strange if the soil is acid - that's what Skimmias like. Viburnums on the whole don't mind - except for V. lantanoides which needs lime-free soil. It really does sound like chlorosis - maybe the rain has leached away the nutrients? Try a dose of Sequestrene on the Skimmia which might perk it up. Mulch round both with home-made compost and give them a feed of blood, fish and bone in the spring. I hope it works.

11 Oct, 2008


Many thanks Spitzhenry. I thought that was probably the way forwards but just needed some reassurance.

12 Oct, 2008

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