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When is the best time to move an apple tree to another location



Hi Karolynne. Technically when they are dormant, the same time as you would prune. December to February. You would get away with it outside this time but if you leave it until spring it might 'shock' and go dormant for a year.

10 Oct, 2008


Definitely in winter, when dormant, meaning all leaves have fallen off. Then prune hard. Dig the new hole , wide and deep enough to accommodate the tree comfortably, first, if the soil is dry run water in the hole. Put some fertiliser in the hole. Dig out carefully the tree to be moved. Try not to cut through the roots. Leave as much soil attached to the roots as possible. If the tree is small, then plonk it in a large bucket whilst shifting. If there are any longish roots, you can trim them. Place the tree in the middle of the hole. Fill in some earth, then shake the tree slightly, by pulling it up. This is so the roots are encouraged to grow down and not sideways and the soil will get right in between the roots. Use a filler stick, a long stick or branch to stump around the tree, so there will be no empty airpockets in the hole around the roots. make sure the base of the tree, above the roots, is not covered with soil. It has to stay above the groundline. Fill more soil into the hole. Give the tree an extra tug, then with your boots stamp on the soil around the tree firmly. If the soil is dry on top, give some more water and fertilise another handfull of all purpose fertiliser. If you have very claylike soil, add sand or loose matter to the soil.
I have planted and transplanted many apple trees; we had an apple orchard with 2400 trees.

11 Oct, 2008

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