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Cordyline Australis

Eastbourne East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all i have a number of massive cordylines but on the lower growing ones the leaves are coming out in yellow and brown spots almost like stains of all different shapes and sizes can anyone help tell me how to stop this from happening???



Hi Woody. Can you post a close up picture? I take it by 'massive' you mean they have achieved tree status? There are not many diseases that attack large cordylines so if you can't put up a picture all I can suggest is that you tear (don't cut) the lower leaves off completely. It may leave it looking a bit weird for a couple of years but without seeing it, it is difficult to diagnose.

Over watering or over fertilizing produces the symptoms you describe in smaller plants. But if they are massive I for one am a bit baffled.

10 Oct, 2008

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