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Strange jelly like blob

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Not exactly a gardening question but this did appear in my garden during the summer. It is a strange gooy substance that seems to be added to every few weeks. I have no pond, thought it might be some kind of aquatic species laying eggs of some sort, no one seems to be able to identify it. I have attached a photo




hi Ruth, sorry i cant help with your question but welcome to GOY

10 Oct, 2008


Welcome to goy Ruth,
eww ..could someone next door be throwing it over from their pond ?

10 Oct, 2008


Hi Ruth ,Welcome to goy, what a strange thing to happen,
I agree with Lori, it looks like someone had dropped or
thrown over.sorry can.t help.

10 Oct, 2008


Yuk - looks like algae to me - is this a particularly damp spot, eg is there a pipe dripping constantly keeping it wet?

10 Oct, 2008


definately looks like algae to me. If it is permanently wet there it will feed on the decomposing matter there. I would dispose of it and keep disinfecting that spot whenever wet. If someone has thrown it over, I would still treat the same

15 Oct, 2008


Hi Ruth, sorry but have no idea what this strange gloop is, I have heaps of it on my front gravelled drive & nobody around here has ever seen anything like it in the UK. Since publishing your question, have you had any serious answers to our plight. Adrian.

24 Oct, 2009

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