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Eucalyptus Trees


By Colinrl

United States

I recently read an article in a national newspaper which stated that mature eucalyptus trees are prone to falling over especially in wet ground. Is this correct?



Hi Colin. I have friends from Oz here who are keen gardeners and, having a young eucalyptus myself thought I would ask them.

The short answer is 'yes'. Because of fast growing to great heights plus their flexibility all types can be unstable. The trick is to stake them very low down allowing them to bend and strengthen but holding the roots steady. Apparently you don't even need wet ground for them to topple.

Hope this helps.


10 Oct, 2008


Cut them off regularly and then you can keep the lovely foliage coming every year.

10 Oct, 2008


I suppose it depends if you want a tree or a bushy shrub Wyeboy? Not a sarcastic question by the way so (knowing what gardeners are) don't take offence. I really do want to know now that Colin has pointed the problem out.

10 Oct, 2008

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