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Strelitzia "bird of paradise"

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I have just had the above plant delivered through the post and it has large roots coming out of the bottom of the pot. It says in my plant book to repot in March. Can I do it now and what kind of compost do I use?



Dr Hessayon says repot in spring - also that they won't flower unless they are constricted! So I think if it were mine, I'd probably wait. JI 3 is the advised compost.

9 Oct, 2008


I think you could put the pot into a larger pot with loose soil in it so the exposed roots can stay alive until a proper repot in the Spring.

9 Oct, 2008


I assume that if you just had it delivered that this is a young plant? If that is the case you won't stop it flowering if you repot at this point. But next spring, when it is going to put on a spurt of growth is the best time. As Poaannua says you could 'double pot it if you are worried and as Spritzhenry says JI 3 is recommended because it likes reasonable drainage. Mind you I have put them in bog-standard compost from the supermarket before with no obvious ill effects.

10 Oct, 2008

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