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How hardy is Pampas grass?

Pest county, near Budapest, Hungary Hu

I have 2 pampas grass. The oldest one survived last winter with no problem, but it was a mild winter. This year it has been colder with a lot of nights around -10 C, over last 3 months. This year the tops look all brown (last year there was a lot of green left). Will they grow back again in the Spring or has it been too cold for them? I assumed they should survive in Hungary since I bought them in local garden centres, but I don't see many in other folk's gardens.

On plant Cortaderia selloana



RHS book says 'Fully hardy to frost hardy', The one most frequently found over here is Cortaderia selloana as well and it has three 'frost' stars, meaning that it is fully hardy. No pests or diseases are mentioned, either. Some leaves do die each year - I have to 'comb' mine out with my husband's gauntlets on soon! Sorry I have no more suggestions or info to offer, Chris.

16 Feb, 2008

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