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Help with IVY using as a screen over Hawthorn

I have hawthorn hedges up to 7 feet high. In winter they are not good for screening but ivy has grown in places and it is very effective in the winter months. I think the best type has small spikes with heads on as well as smallish leaves is it Irish Ivy? What is cheapest way of buying or getting more? I need to cover about 400 feet.
This type is not as smothering as the wider leaf ivy. Any tips on making sure the Irish type does not strangle the hawthorn.



The best way to propagate this would be to buy a(or some) of the type you want to use and peg it down into a seed tray of compost. Keep the original in a pot next to the seed tray. Untie trailing stems from their support and lay them on the compost and peg down with unbent paper clips or similar things. Sprinkle and press down a little compost over the stems. The stems will root at various points along their length, then when well rooted ( in ta few weeks) cut the stem from the parent plant. Then cut the long stem into separate bits, each with at least one leaf joint and some roots. Pot them on for a few weeks until well grown then plant them out. It may take a few months from start to finish but will be far cheaper than buying lots of plants.

5 Apr, 2011

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