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marks on lawn

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my mothers lawn has marks all over it which look like a broom handle has been pushed in .help!



I'm a bit puzzled on this one. At this time of year there are grubs in lawns that both birds and badgers like to dig up - but they make a mess, not neat holes. Squirrels are also busy hiding nuts, acorns and conkers - could this be the reason? Neat round holes don't really fit squirrel activity.... Hmmm. More thought required!

8 Oct, 2008


Squirrels was my thought too, they do bury like this but leave a bit of earth usually.
Broom handles eh: well it is nearly Halloween.

8 Oct, 2008


YIKES! Conjures up pictures of dark-robed pointy-hatted people flying in the sky!

8 Oct, 2008


Sorry about that, hope I haven't given you nightmares.

8 Oct, 2008


I have the same sort of neat round dent in my lawn sometimes , just one or two from time to time. I have yet to see what causes it. We have lots of squirrels but surely squirrels aren't that tidy. I have seen woodpeckers spend a lot of time drilling into the lawn looking for grubs etc. but again why such a neat hole? Will keep looking.

15 Oct, 2008

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