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Moving a Bleeding Heart


By Blades

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My Uncle has just died and he had two well established plants in his garden. My question is, could we move these, and if so when? Is it a plant that can be split so that four of us in the family can have it in his memory?

On plant Dicentra eximia



You can divide the rhizome now or in early spring, so I'd suggest that you do it now. Dig up the plants and pull apart the clump, if they are large plants you could have more than one each, but don't make them too small. One large successful piece is better than lots of failures. Replant quickly and don't let the roots dry out. Trays of compost can be used to store them in if they need transporting or can't be replanted soon.
Dicentra likes a shady but bright spot, under a later flowering shrub or tree is ideal. Enrich the planting hole with leafmould or compost and keep watered for the first year.
good luck.

7 Oct, 2008


Yes, you can. either after the leaves have died down, or else in early spring. Good luck - a lovely memory.

7 Oct, 2008


I believe the roots are quite brittle on dicentras so be careful not to treat them too roughly

7 Oct, 2008

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