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How to Look After Orchids


By Sal1914

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I got this orchid in July.. I am so not an indoor plant person... I have managed to kill off most things. However, this orchid still has the 7 blooms on it that it came with plus a bud fell off. Now it has two buds looking ready to burst and another 2 on their way.

My question is what do I do with the stem that is heading for the pot? Do I curl it back up to train around the loop again?




You could try turning the flowers away from the light, mine then start going towards the light. It is very difficult to keep them straight , I try to do it by tieing to a stake as it grows. Whenit has finished flowering cut it off just above that brown mark I can see on the stem. With any luck it will send out another shoot there, and one day it will send a new shoot from the bottom. Be patient though!!!

7 Oct, 2008


A little tip on getting your Orchid to flower again once you have cut back the stem - if there's no sign of a new stem appearing, take the plant to a room about 5-10 degrees cooler than its present position and leave it there for three weeks. When you bring it back, it should be showing signs of a new flower stem - it always works for me!

7 Oct, 2008


I forgot to say - don't try to wrestle with the flower stem - they tend to snap!!!!

7 Oct, 2008


Thanks for that ... It's now finished flowering... they all dropped off and I'm now going to cut the stem!!

29 Nov, 2008


Good luck, Sal!

S-n-i-p..... TIMBER!

29 Nov, 2008

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