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What this plants name please?

Surrey - East facing garden, United Kingdom Gb

Absolutely sure it's deciduous as it looke d completely dead last year when we moved in and then very late April it started to bud and turned into this! Can you help?? Many thanks and good hunting. My best guess is that it is related to the Gunnera family.




Im sorry I dont know but please tell me when you have the answer its beautiful

1 Oct, 2008


I think it is a tree called Catalpa Bignoniodes. You can keep it as a shrub by cutting it hard back in the Spring, that way you get very big leaves.Common name Indian Bean Tree

1 Oct, 2008


If it's a Catalpa bignonioides you must find 3 buds opposite and now you can see the fruits like some beans but this foto is' not clear the best way cut a twig and send it

3 Oct, 2008


If you keep it as a shrub you will never have beans, it has to be about 15 to 20 years old I think before it would produce flowers and beans.

5 Oct, 2008

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